Sr. M. Claudia Hae-In LEE OSB; born June 7, 1945 in Korea; studies in English Literature and Comparative Religion; entered the convent of the Olivetan Benedictine Sisters in Pusan City, Korea in 1964 and made her final vows in 1976; Sr. Claudia occasionally lectures at various universities in Korea. Literary activities and awards: 1970 – debut as a poet in the monthly »Boys«; in addition to her poetry, Sr. Claudia has published 1981 – 9th NEW Sprouts Literary Award, 1985 – 2nd Literary Award of the monthly Dong-A Ladies, 6th Pusan Woman Literary Award.


Poetry Collections:

My Land of Dandelion, Korea 1976
Setting My Soul in Fire, Korea 1979
Though I Am a Half Moon Rising Tonight, Korea 1983
The Face of Time, Korea 1989
Prayers of Four Seasons, Korea 1993
At the Sea Again, Korea 1998
Mommy and Four-o’clock Flower (poems for children), Korea 1992

Essay Collections:

A Well Bucket, Korea 1986
A Flower Shovel, Korea 1994
In Love We Become Stars, Korea 1997


The Warm Hands by Mother Teresa, Korea 1998


A Comparative Analysis of Selected Nature Poems by Emily Dickinson and So-Wol Kim
A Study in the Thought of Bok (Fortune) Depicted in Shih Ching

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